Friday, October 16, 2015

My experience on week 3

Well, what can I say, this week is been charged with new experiences, new hope and a clearer vision of what I really want for my life. After having listened the testimonials on last week’s webinar I arrived to the conclusion that everything is possible, the sky is the limit. All I have to do is to do an honest exam of my values

Friday, October 9, 2015

My experience on week 2

Ok, from now on no more negative comments about my past. This is what I have learnt: no matter what I did on the past, it is past and I cannot change it, but what I can change is my future. How? Just giving me the opportunity to discover that one first step would be changing my thoughts. It is interesting to see how these thought patterns are pretty much in control every moment of the day, what I have noticed this week specifically is that now I am aware every time this ideas, this internal dialogue come to my mind. This has helped me to change those negative thoughts for the words I have read on the first scroll, and the goals I have set on my DMP. It’s been hard these two weeks, I feel I have been struggling with my old me, but I know if I keep focused I can achieve it. To be completely honest I have not completed all the exercises on time, and I regretted it. But I can wait for this week to make huge improvements on discipline and commitment with my future. It was not until I got my DMP kindly revised by Marea, that I realized how focused I was on the negative, and that if I want to change I need to be focused on discipline myself on thinking in a much productive way, with a clearer mind and very detailed goals. Another thing I want to talk about this week is digital connections. I am very excited about learning how to implement a blog and the importance of have a presence on the cyber space. The videos are very useful and informative, so for my next post I would like to try inserting photo and video. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My experience on week 1

It is no coincidence that my DMP was sent the last day possible. There is nothing to be proud of. I have been struggling my entire life with bad habits. The most notorious I think is procrastination, but after being reading the first scroll for several days now I think this is the best decision I have ever made. I have been involved (if you can call it like that) in several network marketing companies. All of them very promising, in fact all of them are thriving right now and after paying the initial investment, buying materials, calendars, DVDs etc., etc. I have not had the courage to start. Everything ends with the first “NO” So I am very excited to start this journey and I hope that the Master Key will help me once and for all to change the habits that keep me from achieving my dreams. This is quite a challenge, since English is not my first language and I do not even write in Spanish let alone in English, so I apologize in advance for the grammatical mistakes that I might have done. I want to take advantage of this first post to thank Mark J, The fabulous Davene and the entire team behind the MKMMA for your efforts and time. Greatly appreciated…